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Ade Bakare's Blog

Touch of White


From time immemorial, royalty and couture have had an enduring relationship.  The first known designers made attire exclusively for kings and queens, and members of their courts. Queens, princesses, even princes set fashion trends that their subjects followed. Even in modern times, most designers still owe their fame to the patronage of the aristocracy. Many royals are looked up to for their discerning fashion sense.

Erelu Abiola Dosumu is no different. She has always patronised Ade Bakare, who established his business in London Mayfair in the early 90’s. A fashion icon in her own right, Erelu herself was the first African to open a store on Bond Street called Talala, the first to offer Africa-inspired styles in the 1980s. It attracted the aristocrats and wealthy of England.

Touch Of White is inspired by Erelu’s keen love of fashion, her style, and her elegance. It is a tribute to her past and present styles. Ade Bakare worked to capture the timelessness of her various styles and her current love of pale colours.

Please enjoy…